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A nation looking for unification, steeped in modern culture, and a place for refugees to make new lives.

Population: 8.3 Million, 50% Human, but a huge number of other races inhabiting the lands.

Government: Democratic Republic. Government officials are elected by the local populace to represent their local issues on a national scale. These officials are known as Ministers, and they represent a number of political parties with different values and goals. The majority party elect a Dominister, who acts as the national leader and representative. Policies are voted on amongst the ministers, with the Dominister having the power to veto if necessary. The 4 political parties are as follows; Nerboltland People's Party (liberal socialist/left-wing libertarian), Unity Party (liberal nationalist/left-wing authoritarian), Boltarian Commemorative Party (conservative nationalist/right-wing authoritarian), Nation's Pride (conservative socialist/right-wing libertarian). The country is under the leadership of Dominister Lynette Aldrich who heads up the Nerboltland people's party, but with increasing refugee populations along with nationalist sentiment growing, it is looking unlikely that she will keep her seat come the next election

Culture: Rooted in real world Anglo-Saxon culture, the Nerboltlanders were the third human nation to settle following the migration south. They travelled in close proximity to the dwarves, and as such, they absorbed a little bit of their language and culture. Their society is build heavily on agricultural trade, which integrates the assistance of druidcraft. Additionally, just over half of the continents' alcohol is produced here. Nerbolt Whiskey is one of the most popular drinks the world over.

Commerce: Wood, Livestock, Food, Alcohol.

Defence: A large druid population, meaning that shapeshifters are common among them in times of war, if necessary. While not a primarily militaristic state, a large demographic of politicians and ambassadors, means that conflict is usually resolved via words, rather than force. If necessary, the largely open and agricultural landscape lends itself heavily to guerrilla warfare.

Prime Deity: Edis, Arborati.

Important Organisations: Bladeswith Brewing Syndicate, Saint Fairfax Monastery (Order of the Drunken Master), Cuthbert Lansbury College of Eloquence, The New Home Foundation (charity organisation assisting refugees)

Language: Common, Nerbolt and some Dwarvish.

Hallmarks: Ultra-nationist culture, high levels of technology, citizens accustomed to cold

Fashion: In Nerboltland, one might find a wealthy landowner or a politician wearing a three-piece tuxedo, with a finely groomed moustache and a monocle, or a delicate chiffon dress and matching gloves. In contrast, you might see a frontier rancher wearing a leather duster, denim trousers and tough leather boots for weeks on end because of their durability and resilience.

Interesting Things About Nerboltland:

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Geography: The terrain in Nerboltland is typical of northern Europe. It's packed with dense forest, roving hills and some mountains, .

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Cities and Towns:

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Making a Character from here:

  • Passionate about race relations: You likely feel one way or another about how humans have relationships with other races.

  • What made you leave? Think of a reason why you might have left the country.

  • Do your beliefs align with the culture, or are you opposed to it? How do you feel about the persecution of outsiders and what it means to want a better life, either here or somewhere else?

Naming Culture:

Male Names - Juan

Female Names - Juanita

Surnames - Juantanimo

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