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The Ironveil Federation, a human nation vying to make humans the dominant species.

Population: 13.6 Million, primarily Human, very few remaining citizens of other races.

Government: Federal Municipality, where the whole country it's made up of 5 states, all of which are headed up by a Marshal, who oversee the Reeves in towns and smaller villages. The 5 Marshals sit on a council, and make decisions which are ratified by Grand Marshall Sofia Aguilar, who is the head of state. Marshals are peer-elected officials, while the role of Grand Marshal is held by the Aguilar bloodline

Culture: Linguistically rooted in real world Spanish culture, with an extreme dose of ultra-nationalism mixed in. Hierrovellian culture is one of a proud people, who cherish their history and the great actions of their ancestors. An extremely industrious people with great scientists, who have been at the forefront of technological development in Vangaard for generations. They are the originators of most modern oil-based technology, such as airships, trains and tanks, as well as firearms.

Commerce: Oil, Iron, Weapons.

Defence: Massive concrete walls surrounding the borders of the nation, an immense fleet of airships and combat vehicles, the most advanced military technology, as well as a population mostly made up of people willing to die for the Federation.

Prime Deity: Seraph, Gage.

Important Organisations: The Grand Seraph Cathedral, Liquid Gold Oil Co., Hierrovelo Fuerza Defensa (Ironveil Defence Force)

Language: Common and Hierrovellian

Hallmarks: Ultranationalist culture, high levels of technology, citizens accustomed to cold, suspicious of outsiders.

Fashion: Citizens here are almost always appropriately dressed for cold weather. The wealthy adorn themselves in thick furs and animal skins to keep warm, while poorer folk will wear wools and leathers to keep the cold out.

Interesting Things About The Ironveil Federation:

  • The Ironveil Federation ad founding nations of the country were among the first human settlers in Vangaard. They were the first to arrive after fleeing the frozen North, and traditionally were seen as some of the hardiest and toughest people in the lands. This opinion and tradition has stuck with them through the generation, and of all the patriotic opinions throughout Vangaard, the ones here seem like the strongest.

  • The Ironveil Federation has the highest concentration of Oil Fields in Vangaard, leading to one of the strongest economies on the continent.

  • The nation is first and foremost known for its talented inventors, and brilliant minds. Home to many of Vangaard's most advanced technologies, inventors and scientists would flock here to surround themselves with like-minded individuals and cultivate an environment whereby they were encouraged to create and innovate. Secondly, it's not short in people who want to apply these inventions in a militaristic capacity.

  • The Ironveil Fedeartin has mandatory conscription for citizens one they reach adulthood, and must serve at least 3 years in the military.

Geography: The land here is primarily covered in snow throughout the year, due to how far North it is. The landscape itself is relatively varied, with several mountainous regions, planes and a significant coastline, and plenty of evergreen forests.

General Information:

Historically, El Federación Hierrovelo, or The Ironveil Federation, is an amalgamation of 5 smaller human nations who all banded together about 1000 years ago, mixing a variety of different societies of human heritage, in an attempt to resolve a number of failings across these nations. As time went on, the federation became a power, in several manners of speaking, to be reckoned with, and quickly overtook many of the other nations in Vangaard in almost all aspects of life. 


The Ironveil Federation is a nation of several municipal states, all of which are headed up by a Marshall, who in turn directs their sheriffs in how to run and police the nation. The country itself is ancestrally a human nation, and as such is primarily human population, but as one of the wealthier and most powerful state within the world of Vangaard, it attracts people of all types to come and live there. At least, it used to. Over the past number of years, through the careful use of propaganda and political campaigns under the leadership of Grand Marshall Sofia Aguilar, and First Marshal Santino Velasco, an agenda has been pushed that The Ironveil Federation is first and foremost for its citizens. This largely came in response to the presence of the Below Enclaves, and other reaces attempting to settle underground in closer proximity to oil. This is how it started, and more recently, has developed into an attitude that Vangaard should belong to humans, and other people should go somewhere else.

An attempt to unite humans under one banner, and should the need for a more aggressive stance to be taken come about, however, the other ancestrally human nations aren't entirely on board with the concept. This has led to tension, as these are beliefs not necessarily shared throughout the other nations, but there is an awareness of the general military might of The Ironveil Federation, and a caution based on proximity.

Recent policies have been put in place that state people coming into the country must be heavily vetted, due to increasing revolutionary activity, and at that, those who aren't human are still quite unlikely to get in. On the other side of the coin, those who plan to emigrate, and not return at a later state, are officially forbidden from returning. Any short term vacations are legally limited to 2-week periods, and external objects returned from other nations are considered contraband.

Cities and Towns:

  • Panterado: Capitol City - Manufacturing and tourism, Oil

  • Puerto Callejo: 2nd largest City - Port, deals massively in trade and the fishing industry

  • Monte Libertad: 3rd largest city - Mountain mining town

  • Ciudad Léon: 4th largest city - Military training city, oil fields.

  • Santa Calvo: 5th largest city - Agricultural City

  • Manresa: Southern Town

  • Tortuga: Southern port Town

  • Trujillo: Southern Town - Oil fields

  • Calaban:  Midlands Mining Town

  • Puerto Marin: Midlands port town

  • Valona: Northern Oil Fields

  • Guadarallejo: Northern Oil Fields

  • Cantera: Northern mining town

  • Puerto De Los Gigantes : Northern Port town

  • El Armario: Northern storage town

Making a Character from here:

  • Passionate about race relations: You likely feel one way or another about how humans have relationships with other races. Do you feel like maybe Vangaard should belong to humans, or should it belong to everyone? Are you outspoken about this opinion, or do you keep it to yourself? How do you feel about the persecution of outsiders and what it means to want a better life, either here or somewhere else?

  • How did you spend your conscription? Did you spend it training for combat, or did you study tactics and other cultures as an officer? Were you a mechanic working on vehicles, training as a medic, or a pilot of a heavy vehicle? Did you atttempt to doge conscription, and hide from active service?

  • How do you feel about revolutionary activity within the country? Do you support The Veilpiercers, and their actions opposing the status quo? Do you support the idea, but question the methods?  Do you think the actions they take are irrefutably wrong, and you stand with the government against them?

Naming Culture:

Male Names - Alonso, Carlos, Diego, Franco, Joaquín, Lorenzo, Mauricio, Rafael, Raúl, Vicente.

Female Names - Alejandra, Catalina, Daniela, Francesca, Luciana, Luiza, Maria, Miranda, Renata, Valentina.

Surnames - Alvarez, Blanco, Delgado, Gutierrez, Jimenez, Medina, Pascual, Reyes, Serrano, Vasquez.

Federación Hierrovelo: Bio
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