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The Kingdom of Tearmann, a human nation looking to distance themselves from the others, and strive to become Vangaards leading place to be.

Population: 6.7 million, about 60% human, with a huge variety of other races.

Government: Constitutional Monarchy, passing through a bloodline. Rí Caolán Damhadharc, and Banríon Blaithnead Damhadharc. They govern the nation with the laws of the constitution, put forth by the Tiarna, who are the lords and ladies of the nation. Each town has a lord or lady, and each city has a Baron. Despite being a historically human nation, Rí Caolán is actually a Tiefling, due to some dubious dealings conducted by a family member somewhere in the bloodline.

Culture: Rooted in real world Irish culture, almost in a sense that Ireland developed to the extent that the UK did. With the nation situated on a large lake, and a significant portion of coastline, they are heavily involved in sea based trade throughout the continent. Primarily, the people are seafaring, with most spending a lot of their lives at sea.

Commerce: Shipping Trade, Ships, Magical Components, Magical Items

Defence: The Kingdom of Tearmann are flush with highly trained soldiers and specialists. While their army is relatively small, all of their armed forces are extremely experienced professionals. They also maintain a strong fleet of both sea and airships, and have quick deploy small aircraft for troop deployment.

Prime Deity: Vivestra, Skorj.

Important Organisations: Wasp Aeronautics, Coláiste Príodraíocht Tearmann, Fallon Freight LTD, An Trodaire Oilte (Tearmann Special Forces)

Language: Common and Tearmannish

Hallmarks: Culture built around achievement, people want to be the best at what they do, from cobblers to soldiers. Magical items are more common here, due to the presence of the continent's largest and most prestigious Mage college.

Fashion: Most people invest in heavy wool coats to keep the cold weather at bay, and you can identify the wealthy from the poor by whether that coat has a pattern in the fabric, or a fur trim. In more mild weather, when there's no need for a coat, you could spot the difference by whether someone has a shirt and a waistcoat, rather than a vest and a peak cap. Brooches and clasps for cloaks made of high quality metals and sculpted into beautiful pieces of art are common among those who can afford them, regular citizens might use a nice button, while the poor might use a repurposed iron nail.

Interesting Things About The Kingdom of Tearmann:

  • With the vast majority of Tearmann land being in contact with water, or a coastline, most people have spent a significant portion of their lives working either at sea, or in proximity to it. Most of the lower class peoples are primarily fishers, sailors, or are in some way involved in water based industry. Many of the wealthier people run shipping operations, and run mercantile operations revolving around sea travel.

  • They were the next human nation to settle after The Ironveil federation, and their ancestors fought tooth and nail to claim the land that they live on. Not everyone here is a fighter, but those who are, tend to train intensively, and Tearmann has some of the best soldiers in the land. In fact, they are the only nation who do not rely on Mercenary companies to protect their interests abroad. Tearmann ships and shipments are defended by full time, professional soldiers. This usually works to their benefit, as most won't engage in combat with legitimate national military.

  • Home to the continent's largest and most prestigious Mage College, Coláiste Príodraíocht Tearmann, one of Tearmann's largest exports is magical paraphernalia. Whether this be components, fully fledged magic item, or simply just people trained in magic, Tearmann is keeping magic in the world alive.

  • Work here tends to be in the family. The chances are, if someone here is a soldier, their parents were soldiers, and their children will be soldiers. The same applies for Sailors, Magewrights, labourers and even criminals. This isn't a rule, but is something that's rarely broken away from. This is due to the cultural desire to be the best at what you do, and the easiest thing to learn when you're young, is what your parents are already good at.

Geography: The land here is in contact with water almost all the way around. There are plenty of coastlines, beaches, cliffs and sea caves. Away from the oceans, land is quite fertile, and forests are plenty. Mountains are relatively uncommon, but glens, hills and broad plains dominate the landscape.

General Information:

The Kingdom of Tearmann was the former jewel of human civilisation. In the times before the discovery of oil, they were intrinsic in the development of magic, and harnessing it for the betterment of society. They were responsible for the creation of many of the magical artefacts known today, and lay the foundations for magical systems and the breakdown of scholarly magics into schools and power levels. Magical engineers developed the enchantments that allowed magical prototypes of today's oil powered machines such as airships to propel themselves and to stay aloft.

Now that the era of magic has since faded, in favour of oil and what it can do, Tearmann has taken a small step back on the international ladder. Some view the nation as clinging to the past in terms of magical production, however others would see this as embracing tradition and promoting artisanal craft. On a less magical front, the nation prides itself on the seafaring ability of its people, and the facilitation of trade throughout the continent. If you see a ship traversing the seas and oceans, carrying cargo of any kind, the likelihood is that it's being helmed by someone from Tearmann. If it isn't, it probably should be.

Under the leadership of their Rí and Banríon, Caolán and Blaithnead Damhadharc, and their constituent Tiarna, the peoples of Tearmann are flourishing. The nation as a whole strives for independence, and aims for all of it's people to be the best at what they do. This culture and belief has become an attraction for those throughout the world to hone their craft, as the environment y in which to improve your skills cannot be beaten. Magical aspirants and fledgling sailors come from the world over to one day be worthy of calling themselves arch-mages, or captains of not one, but a fleet of ships. Politically, this viewpoint causes some tension among the human nations, as the outright desire for independence, and the sheer lack of interest in where someone comes from when they decide to come to Tearmann irks the others in their own way.

Tearmann, has, however, drawn a little ire from other nations in how they conduct their trade. As the only nation that has official military personnel accompany trade vessels, this can cause unease in some places, knowing that regardless of where the vessels are headed, and what they are carrying, soldiers in the employ of an opposing government would be setting foot in their ports and trade posts. Just know that wherever you go in Vangaard, you are likely to see a soldier wearing a horned mask standing guard by some valuables.

Cities and Towns:

  • Ríhalla: Capitol City - The largest port town in the continent, largest mage college in the continent.

  • Sheoport: Port City, does not deal much in trade, but more so in the production of ships

  • Gortuisce: Port City,

  • Dún Ridire: Military and Trade City

  • Mianranoc: Mining City

  • Loch Coisne Fishing town

  • Leiterméine: Mining Town

  • Rosmalíne: Logging town

  • Cluain Mhargadh: Trade post

  • Bunbealach: Fishing town

  • Cois Bradán: Fishing town

  • Corr Ciannat: Agricultural Town

  • Ardmhuillean: Agricultural Town

  • Gleanndubh: Oil Fields

  • Kilbanna: Religious town

Making a Character from here:

  • What's your family's business? What does your family do for a living? Is your family business something that's important to you? Are you proud of what they do? Are they as good as they say they are? Do you follow in the family footsteps, or are you more interested in another profession?

  • Do you feel at home on the sea? Did you spend time on the sea when you were younger? Are you as passionate as most people from here about seafaring? Does the thought of the open water excite you, or are you afraid of it, and the dangers that it brings?

  • How do you feel about the magical traditions here? Are you someone who believes that the nation should cling to its magical traditions, and continue you trade in magical properties? Or are you someone who prefers the idea that expensive, specialist items are a thing of the past, and the factory made products that do the same for less money are more practical and the way forward?

Naming Culture:

Male Names - Ailbhe, Caoimhe, Eithne, Gráinne, Íde, Muirne, Orlaith, Ríona, Saoirse, Úna.

Female Names - Aodhán, Bran, Daithí, Éabhair, Finnbarr, Lorcán, Odhran, Ruadhrí, Seán, Toirleach.

Surnames - Breathnach, Caomhánach, De Barra, Iascaire, Mac Gabhann, Meabhar, Nic Lochlann, Ní Floinn, Ó Ruairc, Stiobhard.

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