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The Ironveil Federation, a human nation vying to make humans the dominant species.

Population: 13 Million, primarily Human.

Government: Federal Municipality

Culture: Rooted in real world Spanish culture, with an extreme dose of ultra-nationalism mixed in. (Expand)  Bas

Commerce: Oil, Iron, Military Technology

Defence: Massive concrete walls surrounding the borders of the nation, the most advanced military technology

Prime Deity: Seraph and Israfil.

Important Organisations: Liquid Gold Oil Co.,

Language: Common and Hierrovellian

Hallmarks: Ultra-nationist culture, high levels of technology, citizens accustomed to cold

Fashion: Citizens here are almost always appropriately dressed for cold weather.

Interesting Things About The Ironveil Federation:

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Geography: The land here is primarily covered in snow throughout the year, due to how far North it is.

General Information:

The Ironveil Federation is a nation of several municipal states, all of which are headed up by a Marshall, who in turn directs their sheriffs in how to run and police the nation. The country itself is ancestrally a human nation, and as such is primarily human population, but as one of the wealthier and most powerful state within the world of Vangaard, it attracts people of all types to come and live there.

Cities and Towns:

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  • City 4: Info

  • City 5: Info

  • Town 1: Info

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  • Town 3: Info

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  • Town 6: Info

  • Town 7: Info

  • Town 8: Info

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  • Town 10: Info

Making a Character from here:

  • Passionate about race relations: You likely feel one way or another about how humans have relationships with other races.

  • What made you leave? Think of a reason why you might have left the country.

  • Do your beliefs align with the culture, or are you opposed to it? How do you feel about the persecution of outsiders and what it means to want a better life, either here or somewhere else?

Naming Culture:

Male Names - Juan

Female Names - Juanita

Surnames - Juantanimo

Federación Hierrovelo: Bio
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