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Kabal'ara, the home to Vangaard's Goblinoid natives, and a vast landscape littered with treasure.

Population: 24 Million, primarily Goblinoid (Goblin, Orc, Hobgoblin, Bugbear)

Government: Militocracy rooted in a caste system, with Hobgoblins at the top of the pecking order. A consulate, headed by High Commander Kumal Mahajan, takes the highest ranking members of the Hukmun Caste, who overee each of societies pillars, who advise the High Commander. The High Commander has final say on all matters, and his word is law.

Culture: Linguistically, borrows heavily from Arabic. Kabal'aran society is built around a strict caste system, whereby ones birth determines how they live their lives. As it stands, Hobgoblins dominate the Hukmun Caste, which are the ruling class, who take up positions as lords, generals, emmissaries and figureheads of all kinds. Goblins primarily make up the Eamatan Caste, and as commoners make up the majority of society, performing basic roles as part of day to day life. Orcs typically fill out the Eamilan Caste, who are manual labourers, and engage in arduous and physically demanding tasks. Finally, Bugbears are the backbone of the Hamia Caste, who serve as bodyguards to high ranking Hukmun. As a society who revere a goddess of law, the word of the law is essentially sacred in Kabal'ara. Crime here is typically low, as lawfulness is a symbol of piety, and those who break the law are punished swiftly, and harshly.

Commerce: Glass, Stone, Steel, Spices, Dyes, Silk, Magical Salvage

Defence: A warrior society, where all citizens face mandatory military conscription in order to teach discipline, and ensure that societal roles are fulfilled. The caste system also plays a role in Kabal'aran military structure. whereby Hobgoblins fill out leadership roles throughout the chain of command, and are assigned Bugbear protectors, Goblins typically fill out support roles in the background, and Orcs are rank and file grunts.

Prime Deity: Wendolin, but Seraph is a close second.

Important Organisations: Sharhu Spice Caravans, Goldpact Adjudicators, St. Disha's Cathedral to Wendolin,

Language: Common and Goblin.

Hallmarks: Strict Caste System, a strong adherence to the law in the vast majority of cases

Fashion: In Kabal'ara, a Hobgoblin Senator might wear fine silks and a light head wrap to keep the sun from burning their heads. A goblin beggar might wear light linens and pull a makeshift cart behind them, carrying their other possessions, so they don't get too hot.

Interesting Things About Kabal'ara:

  • Due to the climate and landcape, settlements in Kabal'ara tend to be few and far between, compartively to other nations. While the number of townships might actually be similar, the distance needed to travel between them is significantly greater, and the time spent travelling is far more treacherous that anywhere else in the contiene. Even though townships aren't as frequent, the population density of those townships are comparitively extremely high.

  • Kabal'ara has an outstanding industry based on the salvage of magical items and materials. Having been the battleground for centuries of war between humans and goblinoids for territory, artifacts of wars since past are lost among the sands, and are begging for keen eyed explorers to find them, and make a hefty profit from them. Caravans of traders and armed guards often delve into the depths of the desert in order to find riches, with the hopes of elevating themselves within the caste system, or maybe to escape it entirely.

  • There are no official courts in Kabal'ara. Court cases, and judgement of crimes are conducted on sites of religious significance to the goddess, Wendolin. These may be chapels, shrines, locations of miracles, etc. This is because it is believed that the goddess herself is overseeing the verdict, and herself delivering the judgement through the hands of an arbitrator. Additionally, due to the harsh application of sentencing, and the strict adherence to laws, Goldpact Adjudicators come here to hone their craft, by studying and practicing law before they are set to roam the continent, delivering justice where the coin takes them.

Geography: The land here is dominated by harsh desert, blistering winds and scorching sun. The land is a sparse region, covered mostly by sand dunes, but has pockets or mountainous areas, and a dense jungle on the eastern and western borders. The Shattered Sea lies on the Northern border, and area of land that has been forever changed by magical impact, and makes for difficult travel across land.

General Information:

Kabal'ara is a nation that was formed long before any of the others, as a result of infighting between clans of the various races that grew to call it home. Over centuries, Hobgoblin military might and strategy put them at the top,, and made the others subservient. Due to their sheer numbers, goblins were assigned lay people roles. Due to physical prowess, Orcs were assigned hard labour. Bugbears, were driven near the brink of extinction, by cause of their refusal to give in, until they were eventually faced with themselves as a race being wiped out. On account of their hardy nature, and unrelenting will to continue, they were offered positions as protectors of the Hobgoblin nobility.

This societal structure led to the caste system that prevails to this day, a system that perservered over thousands of years, withstanding countless wars, coups, rebellions and diplomatic attempts at reform. There have been many attempts for the lower castes to try and caste off their leaders, but all attempts have proved fruitless at various stages of the insurrection, due to the swift and deadly application of justice, and overwhelming might and training of the Hukmun Caste. The Hukmun Caste are adamant that their work, guidance, and leadership are what have kept the country together for so long, and fully intend to keep things this way for the foreseeable future.

Trade is an extremely important aspect of life in Kabal'ara, as many of it's resources are not found in other places throughout the world, such as spices, dyes, and fabrics. This means that plenty of work can be found among trade caravans, either as a merchant, or a guard to shield the aforementioned merchants from the dangers of the barren wastelands between settlements. Kabal'aran resources are of high quality, and quality goods require quality protection.

Despite being extremely law abiding, the word of law, and the fear of it seems to only be prevalanet within the confines of civilisation. The deserts are not only teeming with monsters, but also with bandits and highwaymen who seek to take advantage of the many trade routes within the nation, and try to capitalise on the fact that it's more than probable caravan guards will have to deal with monsters on the road more than once.

Cities and Towns:

  • Hukmudun: Capitol City - Military City, Seat of Government, Port, Skyport, Massive Markets and Trade hub

  • Minarco: 2nd largest City - Mountain mining city. Contains  several gold mines and veins of precious gems

  • Khartuk: 3rd largest city - Trade and Port city. Contains the largest Silk and Linen manufacturers in the known world.

  • Anjuul: 4th largest city - Trade and Salvage city. A ringed city built around The Collosus. Billions of gold worth of magical artifacts and housed and auctioned here.

  • Qubanni: 5th largest city - City built in the eastern jungle amidst a grouping of oil fields.

  • Matau: Western mining town.

  • Niravi: Western trade centre.

  • Marravosh: Northern Trade Centre

  • Tajantu: Northern Miltary town

  • Benelhi: Northern Port Town

  • Kaspar: Midlands Agricultural Town

  • Ulianni: Midlands Oil Field

  • Birra: Eastern Logging Town

  • Djandar: Eastern Agricultural Town

  • Mekelhi: Eastern Port Town

Making a Character from here:

  • Civil or Savage?: Do you come from a built up swarming city, where the urban sprawl is your home? Or are you more accustomed to surviving off the land and fighting to make it to your next meal.

  • What Caste do you belong to? Are you still a member of the caste that you were born into? Did your hard work mean that you manage to escape your class and make it elsewhere? Or have you abandoned to the system entirely in search of a new life elsewhere? Keep in mind, only those with Hobgoblin blood can be members of the Hukmun Caste, but hobgoblins and their kin can be demoted to other classes should the need arise.

  • Do your beliefs align with the culture, or are you opposed to it? Do you feel that the caste system is working? Or do you want to see it abolished? Do you believe in the strict and unwavering deliverence of harsh justice, or should people be given the opportunity to atone.

Naming Culture:

Male Names - Aadvik, Aarjun, Dhakshan, Farhan, Jayden, Kabir, Lakshan, Rashaan, Saiyam, Vikram.

Female Names - Aditi, Amyra, Diviya, Inaaya, Kyra, Naira, Pranavi, Tia, Vanya, Zara.

Surnames - Chandra, Dutta, Jai, Jana, Kapoor, Prasad, Rai, Sharma, Tiyama, Veena

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