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Boots of Dendalen

Prep Time:

Cook Time:

Very Rare





About the Recipe

These dark, fleshy boots grant marvelous powers and enhance your normal movement. While wearing these boots, you gain a flying speed equal to your walking speed and can hover. You can hover up to 20 feet off the ground in this way, leaving behind a thin trail of shadow when you do. In addition, when you take the Dash action while wearing the boots, you can move an extra 10 feet.

The boots have 4 charges and regain 1d3 + 1 expended charges daily at dusk. While wearing the boots, you can use a bonus action to expend 1 of their charges to cast either the expeditious retreat or misty step spell from them. When you cast misty step in this way, the normally silver mist that surrounds you is dark and ominous.

Curse. When you pull these boots over your feet for the first time, make a DC 16 Wisdom saving throw. On a success, you are aware of the curse’s effects and can immediately remove the boots before they extend it to you. On a failure, the boots’ muscly sinews dig into your legs and feet, interlocking with your own flesh. You immediately take 4d8 necrotic damage as the tainted muscles and flesh latch onto you, and you can’t remove the boots unless you’re targeted by the remove curse spell or similar magic. While you wear the boots, your feet sometimes move in unexpected ways. You make Dexterity (Acrobatics) checks and Dexterity saving throws with disadvantage, and it costs you an extra 10 feet of movement to stand up after you fall prone.

If you fail the saving throw to resist the curse and later remove the boots, you take another 4d8 necrotic damage as they painfully tear themselves from your body.



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